What is a Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit makes your business more energy efficient by upgrading existing lamps and fixtures. Energy savings can offset the cost of these projects over time and many utility companies offer rebates meant to incentivize any type of retrofit. Green energy as a movement is thriving more than ever as a necessity to cut energy usage and the annual cost of power. Lighting is one of the primary areas where a business can notice the most substantial overall change.
In most situations, businesses are unaware of the benefits provided by a lighting retrofit. From the overall look and brightness of a room or parking structure to the undeniable ease of installing LED retrofit kits into existing fluorescent fixtures, a lighting retrofit is more than long term cost savings.
Replacing bulbs and lamps with new LED alternatives protects the environment, allows businesses further promotional opportunities, and changes the visible aspects of a room or office. By beginning the process with a simple energy audit, lighting retrofits can start as easily as a single stairwell or tackle an entire building or set of facilities. As many incentive programs from local utility companies begin to offer more competitive rebates, the scope of a project can in some cases pay for itself.
Retrofits also offer businesses an opportunity to learn more about modernization with systems and controls available to pair with LED drivers. These additional products can increase energy savings and include motion sensors, daylight harvesting, and cloud based storage. Lamps, fixtures, and controls combine to create a state-of-the-art system ideal for any size business ready to go green.