How Can My Business Save Money?

When it comes to energy and lighting retrofits, there are a good deal of cost savings, rebates, and incentives that can influence your decision to move forward. Where these all fit into your project is an important factor in choosing to go green. Each is less complicated than they appear on paper. Emilygrene Corp. specializes in simplifying these numbers, so you can put your focus where it belongs – on your business.
Energy efficiency savings are the most beneficial cost savings measure a retrofit can provide. After an initial energy audit, our energy specialists are able to dissect your current spending and usage on power. This figure is based on wattage used by your facility over a one year period. We select new energy efficient fixtures that decrease your per fixture wattage and calculate a comparable figure. The difference between the two figures is your annual savings.
Rebates and tax incentives come into play on your initial investment. Most nationwide utility companies offer varying levels of rebates for energy efficient installations. Also, specific tax deductions are offered as an incentive to make clean energy part of your business model. Both immediate refunds can be used to decrease the total cost of installation. By decreasing your initial investment, your business can expect a return on investment in a shorter amount of time, generating annual savings sooner rather than later.
Each of these cost savings measures work together to increase your overall business profitability and provide you with an affordable means to upgrading your facility. If there is any confusion over these cost savings measures, Emilygrene Corp. specialists are here to make your invesment simple to understand. Green energy does not have to be a hassle. Emilygrene Corp. makes it easy.