Be Part of the Green This Spring

A plastic bottle in a hand over a recycling bin

There is something about the greening of the earth as spring begins that seems to inspire people to try a little harder to protect and preserve it. Spring officially starts on Wednesday, March 20 this year and with it comes opportunities for you to also be a little greener in your daily life. Check out a few events and movements happening this spring and get inspired to do your part too.

Giving Up Plastic for Lent

Christians around the world that celebrate the Season of Lent, a solemn time preceding Easter, often choose to “fast” or give up something for 40 days. In recent years, more and more people are choosing to give up plastics for Lent. The new challenge has inspired people to give up disposable plastic products for 40 days, with the hopes that the new habit would evolve into a new lifestyle well after Lent ends.

How difficult is it to give up plastic? Pretty hard. According to a National Geographic article, there was approximately 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics created in the first six decades of its existence, with most of that ending up in landfills and perhaps worse, in oceans and waterways. Plastics are so prevalent in our lives, that many of us take for granted how much of it we use and throw away. Think about it…storage bags, single serve item packing, health and beauty products, water bottles, packaging material (including that fun bubble wrap), plastic bags for your fresh produce in the grocery store, the lid of your favorite to-go coffee, straws, and the list just goes on. Giving up plastic for Lent requires time, planning, and some efforts, but a worldwide movement like this could really reduce the impact of plastics on our world. We applaud those who are taking on the challenge!

Earth Hour

At the end of this month, people around the world will take an hour to remember the importance of sustainability and reducing energy consumption. Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and has since been picked up by others around the world. On March 30, 2019, people are encouraged to do one simple thing – turn off their lights at 8:30 there time and leave them off for one hour. This event is not intended to save the world in that one hour through the energy conserved, but rather to spark conversations about other ways that we can be more environmentally conscious in our everyday choices.

In addition to switching out your lights for an hour, you can participate in the event by attending a local Earth Hour event or by hosting one yourself. You can also help spread the movement by sharing your experience on social media and encouraging your family and friends to join you for that one hour and beyond it.

Earth Day

On April 22, 1970, a large national protest took place to demand change to reduce the negative impact that industrial growth was having on the world. Later that year, the Environmental Protection Agency was created and a national green movement and holiday, Earth Day, was born.

Now, almost at 50 years past the first protest, the day is often celebrated by doing something to give back to the world. Often, schools will plant trees and organizations and people will participate in litter clean up events. Some people choose to celebrate Earth Day by taking some time to appreciate the world around them by going for a hike, working in their garden, or simply sitting outside and listening to nature. For this Earth Day, take a moment to remember how far the green movement has come since its early days and reflecting on how we can continue to grow it.

40 Days, One Day, or One Hour. Make a Green Choice This Spring.

Green movements often start with a few small, deliberate choices. Sometimes those choices are easy, such as choosing a glass reusable bottle over disposable plastic bottles. Sometimes those choices are much harder, such as choosing a more expensive clean energy solution. At Emilygrene Corp., we help businesses make small and big green choices, finding the balance between the financial bottom line and the positive environmental impacts. Feeling inspired to do something green this spring too? Contact us to let us help you find the perfect place to start.

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