It Is a Team Effort

Emilygrene Corp TeamOn this year’s Employee Appreciation Day, we had a moment to reflect on just how important each of our employees really are to the success of Emilygrene Corp. It may sound a little cliché to say that, but it is true for us. Without our team, we know that we would not be able to expand and adapt to what our clients need or customize our solutions to be the right fit for clients. We are proud of each of our employees and would like to introduce you to a few of them.

Burke Ewers – President and CEO

Burke has a lot of passion when it comes to clean energy and how it can be done in financially smart ways. With a background in finance, he often connects with our clients by talking about the bottom line and how things like retrofitted light fixtures can be both environmentally- and business-friendly.

Adrienne Ewers – Chief Financial Officer

Adrienne has helped steer our finances as our company has grown tremendously over the last few years. Her previous experience in working with other corporations and start-up companies has proven invaluable to our team at Emilygrene Corp.

Jeremiah Gill – Vice President of Operations

Jeremiah worked as a field technician and foreman earlier in his career, giving him a good perspective on how to effectively manage our team. Having been with the company since 2017, Jeremiah has been instrumental in expanding our service lines to meet client needs.

Mary Bonura – Director of Client Engagement

Mary ensures that projects stay on track and communications stays strong between our team and clients. She ensures that clients’ expectations are met and that each client feels valued. Mary’s contribution to our team has helped us build a good reputation and source of referrals from our clients.

Ben Drake – Director of Facility Controls

Ben guides and oversee our team of technicians that work with facility controls. He has used his experience in facility controls, communications networks, and clean energy technology to help grow this service line for our company.

Toby Reclusado – Director of Technology

Toby works primarily with our residential home builders and their customers, heading up our home theater and smart home services team of technicians. Toby helps our company stay current with new products and still works hand-on with residential clients, along with his team.

Gerardo Bravo

Most projects at Emilygrene Corp. starts with data and that is Gerardo’s specialty. He works closely with others on the Emilygrene Corp. team to build a strategy and implement it through data collected before, during, and after the project. Gerardo works primarily with our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients.

Meet Our Team in Person

If you are interested in learning more about how our team can help you find better energy solutions and related services, please contact us to a schedule a consultation.

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